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Clinical Social Work


Whole Senior Care provides therapy services under Medicare Part B to individuals struggling with anxiety, depression or adjustment disorders. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques are utilized to assist clients in reaching the quality of life they deserve.  

These techniques can also be useful for working through anticipatory grief, accepting terminal illness and impending death, resolving life issues, coping with chronic illness and pain and adjusting to the changes that aging presents.   For more information about CBT and other forms of psychotherapy that may be used by our therapists click the link below



Life Care Management Services


Whole Senior Care provides specialized life care management services to a small number of clients. As life care managers, we consider ourselves "professional family members", walking beside our clients as they navigate the early stages of functional decline. By focusing our care on a small caseload, we are able to become integrated in all areas of the client's life, including...

  • providing medical advocacy, scheduling and transporting to and from medical appointments

  • tracking medication changes and adherence to medication regimens,

  • overseeing property maintenance

  • ensuring essentials are in place for a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle

  • encouraging physical activity and social stimulation

  • minimizing and organizing clutter

  • providing counseling and emotional support

  • providing cognitive stimulation and discussion

  • coordinating social outings

  • assisting in advance care planning

  • ensuring legal documentation is in place

  • acting as healthcare and/or financial power of attorney as needed

  • referring to and coordinating appropriate professional services as needed

  • supporting end of life decision-making


*Whole Senior Care accepts private pay only (sliding scale available) for life care management consultations. 


Private Practice Consultation


Jayma consults with independent practitioners who are interested in becoming Medicare providers to serve the mental health needs of older adults. This includes understanding how to establish a private practice, becoming credentialed with Medicare, identifying who is qualified to be a Medicare recipient, services covered by Medicare, the various insurance plans that work with Medicare, billing, marketing and growing a practice. 


Other Specialty Services Include...


  • Couples and family therapy, when appropriate, to provide psychoeducation and support around the primary client's mood and behavior concerns. 

  • Family psychoeducation and counseling around challenging behaviors associated with a mental illness, Alzheimer's disease or other chronic illness that has eroded family dynamics.

  • Group therapy for grief support, dealing with isolation, movement and drumming (closed groups available for select dates only).

  • Supporting clients and families in making decisions about medical procedures, end of life care and initiating other difficult conversations.

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). 

  • Ketamine assisted psychotherapy

  • SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy)

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Life Transitions Counseling

*Whole Senior Care accepts private pay and traditional Medicare plans for counseling and psychotherapy services.

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