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Jayma C. Sitton

MSW, LCSW, C-ASWCM         Founder, Whole Senior Care LLC


Jayma has worked with older adults and adults with chronic illness for eighteen years. She obtained her MSW at Rhode Island College with a focus on aging issues and worked in all levels of long-term care before obtaining her LCSW in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In 2011 she launched Whole Senior Care LLC and currently oversees a team of dedicated care managers and clinical social workers (LCSWs).


As a result of Jayma’s experience in all levels of long-term care, she has a comprehensive understanding of the many challenges facing our seniors today and incorporates this knowledge and experience into every aspect of her work with Whole Senior Care's team and its clients.


 Jayma C. Sitton

Lynn Dufner

MSW, LCSW      Care Coordinator and Clinician, Whole Senior Care LLC


Jayma, Lynn, and Mindy's compassion and commitment to guiding seniors on the path to wholeness help make their clients’ latter years as comfortable, peaceful, healthy and happy as possible.

Lynn Dufner

Lynn has worked in mental health as a licensed clinical social worker for over 15 years. Lynn has experience working with clients of all ages and with various challenges.


In her work with Whole Senior Care, over the last 4 years, she has focused on guiding older adults, those suffering with chronic illness and their families through life changes with her compassionate approach.

Whole Senior Care LLC provides compassionate and individualized clinical social work services and care management services.

To schedule clinical social work or care management services, call our Clinical Coordinator Lynn at 412-334-6045.

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