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Aging Life Care Services


 Jayma C. Sitton

Consultation Services

For individuals and family members who are just beginning to develop a plan of care, or don’t know how to start the process, Whole Senior Care LLC can provide an initial consultation. This allows families the opportunity to ask questions and develop a better understanding of how to meet the needs of their loved one.

Consultation services can be available as often as families need throughout the process of establishing services and care for their loved one.


Assessment and Care Planning Services

For those who would like a care plan developed, Whole Senior Care LLC will conduct a full assessment of the client in his/her home, with a plan of care that includes recommended steps to take in order to reach goals in all areas of the individual’s life.


Ongoing Care Management Services

When the tasks seem too large or time-consuming, or families do not live locally, relying on Whole Senior Care LLC to implement the care plan and provide consistent monitoring of the client’s status and well-being may be useful. This may include accompanying clients to medical appointments and weekly visits, with detailed reports to out-of-town family members about their loved one’s status.


Assistance with Long-term Care Placement

When residing at home is no longer a safe option, families may consider moving a loved one to a long-term care facility. With the different levels of care provided and the number of facilities from which to choose, families can easily become overwhelmed in their goal to make the best possible choice for their loved one. Whole Senior Care LLC can provide understanding about the various levels of care with recommendations of which setting may best meet the client’s needs, considering the individual’s history and future goals. Whole Senior Care LLC can accompany families on tours to analyze atmosphere and care in order to make well-informed decisions, navigate the admission process and assist with transitioning the client to his/her new home. 

Whole Senior Care LLC provides compassionate and individualized clinical social work services and care management services.

To schedule clinical social work or care management services, call our Clinical Coordinator Lynn at 412-334-6045.

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