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Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

How do I know when I need services?

Aging Life Care Services are beneficial at any stage in the process of caring for a loved one. In order to maintain independence in one’s home or assisted living facility, many services may prove beneficial in reaching this goal. Initiating services and support in the environment of an elder can lead to an improved quality of life while achieving the goal of supported independence at home.

Many family members wait until a crisis has occurred before seeking services, but in fact recognizing the benefit of intervention before a crisis occurs can avoid difficult transitions and discomfort for the elder and family members. If you are not sure how Whole Senior Care LLC may be of assistance to you and your family, please do not hesitate to call or email us to inquire.

Clinical social work services are also beneficial at any stage of caring for a loved one, but may not reimbursable by insurance unless there is a clinical need (i.e. meeting eligibility requirements for a mental health diagnosis). Typically a health care professional will make a referral to Whole Senior Care LLC when clinical social work is recommended but anyone who is concerned about an individual can request an assessment, including the individual himself/herself. While completing a Professional Geriatric Care Management assessment, Whole Senior Care LLC may determine that a client is eligible and might benefit from clinical social work services. If recommended, this information will be included in the treatment plan.

Whole Senior Care LLC provides compassionate and individualized clinical social work services and care management services.

To schedule clinical social work or care management services, call our Clinical Coordinator Lynn at 412-334-6045.

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